Green Valley Journal of Science (GVJOS)

Mizan Tepi University is located in South West part of Ethiopia and has initially two campuses namely, Mizan and Tepi. The main campus is situated in Mizan-Aman Town which is the seat of Bench Maji Zone, and Tepi Campus is located at 52 kilometers distance from Mizan in Tepi Town of Sheka Zone. From the total six colleges and two schools of the University, four colleges namely, Agriculture and Natural Resource, Business and Economics, Health Science, and Social Sciences and Humanities) and Law School are found in Mizan campus while the rest College of Engineering and Technology, College of Natural and computational Science and School of Computing and Informatics are found in Tepi Campus. Recently Mizan-Aman General Hospital was included as Teaching Hospital where we are going to move Health Science College and open Medical school.